Coffee Bean Q1 and Q2

October 13, 2021

Buku Abal Trading Private Limited Company is registered Company in Ethiopia Business license issued  Commercial Registration and Business License Proclamation No  980/2016  on the field of  Coffee exporter under (66212) from Ethiopia,; Our TIN is 0074219815. Our Company also, has certification of competence for Coffee Exporter from Ethiopia Tea and Coffee Authority.

Abal Trading has been  coffee farmer, producer and coffee Exporter in Ethiopia worked more than 30 years as back bone fas local supplier for different coffee exporters namely Kerchanse Trading PLC, Guji Coffee Export PLC, DW Coffee Export PLC, etc

Our Profile in brief  our social mobility  from coffee farming family generation to generation and have been work as local coffee farmer, producer and supplier as back bone for different coffee exporters company in Ethiopia.

Farming Profiles: 

Habo Molala Kebele:            Wash Coffee Processing

Michicha Kebele:                    Grade 1 Natural Coffee Processing Bed

Kertanche Woreda:               Dry Coffee Processing bed

Guracha Jelidu:                      Coffee farm Q1 or 1! Natural Coffee bed processing

Bule Hora:                              Dry Coffee processing

Gerba KEbele:                                   Dry Coffee processing

Hera Liptu                              Wash Coffee Processing

Bule Hora Ogo debi Kebele   Wash Coffee Processing

Hambal wamera Woreda                   Dry Coffee Processing and Special Coffee Processing Bed

Shakiso Worede                                  Dry Coffee Processing and Special Coffee Processing Bed

Elia Dima Woreda                              Dry Coffee Processing and Special Coffee Processing Bed

There fore, We are interesting to export our best Q1 and Q2 Coffee bean product for USA, Europe and Asia market any interested company  can  contact us for father dealing.

We are searching a buyer and we have interest to work with your good company constantly.  if you have interested contact us.

Contact address: +251 -973-053737, P.O. Box 22037, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Email: [email protected]


With best regards


Bekure Yimam

Export Manager

Buku Abal Trading PLC


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