About Us

Ethiopian Coffee Guide is a one-of-a-kind one-stop destination with members that represent a broad cross-section of the international trade and business community in the coffee industry. Our members include Coffee Farmers Cooperatives & Unions, Commercial Coffee Farms, Ethiopian Exporters, Foreign Importers, Roasters, Machinery & Equipment Suppliers, Coffee Shops, Agents & Representatives, Coffee Organizations, Consultants, and Other Auxiliary Service Providers.

Ethiopian Coffee Guide is a component of the Online Business Ventures Development Initiative aiming at creating Smart and Affordable platforms for Ethiopian Businesses to promote their businesses, products, and services Across the Globe. Ethiopian Coffee Guide and the Online Business Ventures Development Initiative are launched and managed by Maleda Digital.

Our Mission

Coffee has been the part of the everyday life of Ethiopians for centuries ever-since Khalid the goat header first discovered its stimulant effect and introduced it to the world.

It is, therefore, only fitting, overdue even, that a Guide for Ethiopian Coffee is launched to promote the world-renowned Ethiopian coffee varieties and share them with the world, while also assisting small & medium Ethiopian businesses promote their products and services in the complex and highly competitive coffee markets.

Ethiopian Coffee Guide strives to create a central database of anything and everything concerning the Ethiopian coffee, including the various types of coffees found in Ethiopia; the unique Ethiopian coffee culture; as well as the companies and organizations involved in the business at all levels of the supply chain - from the farms where the coffee beans are cultivated to the wonderful cup of coffee you enjoy each morning where ever you are in the world.

Moreover, Ethiopian Coffee Guide will soon be providing valuable coffee resources aimed at assisting in the smooth and effective distribution of Coffee along the local and international supply chain including market insight reports, price analysis reports, and export import performance reports very soon.

We will also be providing affiliate links of few selected products and services for sale soon so keep tuned! Thank You!


In line with our mission, the website aims at providing 3 core services to its users and registered members:

  1. Build a comprehensive directory referencing all the players that are engaged in the Ethiopian coffee business and supply chain: including Ethiopian Exporters, Foreign Importers, Roasters, Agents & Representatives, Machinery & Equipment Suppliers, Producers & Coffee Cultivators, Coffee Shops, Coffee Organizations, Consultants and Other Service Providers, etc.
  2. Build a complete list of Ethiopian and International Coffee Events;
  3. A carefully curated collection of resources that aim at providing insight and important information on anything and everything concerning the Ethiopian coffee…

Allow Us to be Your – Ethiopian Coffee Guide

Ethiopian Coffee Guide aims at creating an online platform that enables Ethiopian Businesses engaged in the coffee industry to promote and sell their products and services both within the domestic as well as global coffee markets, while also providing valuable insight about anything and everything Ethiopian Coffee.

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